Long Term Care Ombudsman

Long Term Care Ombudsman Program for Clinton and Essex Counties

80 Sharron Avenue
Plattsburgh, NY 12901

Tel:  (518) 562-1732 or
        (518) 563-9058 Ext. 107 (V/TTY)
Fax: (518) 563-0292
Contact: Amy Gehrig amy@ncci-online.com
Website:  www.ncci-online.com

A Long Term Care Ombudsman is an advocate for residents of nursing homes, adult homes, family type homes and assisted living facilities.  Ombudsmen are trained to resolve problems.  If you want, the Ombudsman can assist you with complaints.  All matters are kept confidential unless you give permission for the Ombudsman to share your concerns.

Under the Federal Older Americans Act, every state is required to have an Ombudsman Program. Most localities have a program for their area. The Clinton County Office for the Aging contracts with the North Country Center for Independence to carry out the Ombudsman Program in Clinton and Essex Counties. You will see Alan Bechard’s name and phone number (563-9058) on Ombudsman signs posted at each facility. Alan, along with other NCCI staff and a group of certified volunteers, visit area nursing homes, adult homes and assisted living facilities.

These dedicated Ombudsman:

  • Help resolve complaints made by or for residents
  • Educate consumers and providers about residents’ rights and good care practices
  • Provide public information on long term care facilities and residents’ rights
  • Advocate for residents’ rights and quality care
  • Help promote the development of family and resident councils
    An Ombudsman can address a variety of concerns, including violation of rights or dignity, poor quality of care, improper transfers or discharges, concerns about medicine or restraints, and concerns about quality of life.

By all means, visit friends and family in nursing homes and other facilities.  They will appreciate the visit.  If you do have any concerns, please do call the Ombudsman.  Addressing a concern when it is still small may help prevent future problems.  If your loved one seems to be recovering and you can see potential for their return to the community, the Ombudsman may be able to help.