Civil Service Exams - Promotional

NOTE: If you are interested in taking a Civil Service Promotional examination for Clinton County you must apply for the examination when it is being announced.  Clinton County no longer requires examination fees for examinations.

Please refer to New York State Civil Service Law - 52 Promotional Examinations for details on promotional examination requirements.

Click Here for Part-time experience calculation chart to determine full-time equivalency.




PROMOTIONAL EXAMS: The following promotional examinations are open to current employees. Each examination announcement will indicate the minimum qualifications, which must be met at time of examination.  The eligible lists established from these examinations will be used to fill vacancies within the promotional units, as indicated on the examination announcements.  A promotional eligible list must be used and/or exhausted prior to using an open-competitive eligible list.
Title Date Posted Closing Date Exam Date Exam #
Correction Lieutenant (Sheriff) (178.3 KB) 01-12-2022 02-11-2022 04-02-2022 76-734
Police Chief B (City of Plattsburgh) (179.06 KB) 12-09-2021 01-28-2022 03-19-2022 74-858
Principal Public Health Educator (Health) (179.94 KB) 01-14-2022 02-11-2022 04-02-2022 72-966
Supervising Public Health Educator (Health) (180.22 KB) 01-14-2022 02-11-2022 04-02-2022 75-108