Clinton County STOP-DWI Program

Clinton County Stop DWI


The mission of the Clinton County STOP-DWI program is to reduce or eliminate the needless tragedies associated with intoxicated and impaired driving. Every year people needlessly die or are seriously injured on our county and state roads because someone made a choice to consume alcohol and then drive their car. STOP-DWI provides various education and public awareness opportunities, which are available to any business, school or organization throughout Clinton County.

Clinton County to Participate in Statewide STOP-DWI Holiday Season Crackdown Enforcement Effort Impaired Driving Crackdown runs December 11th – January 1st, 2020

Clinton County STOP DWI announced today that Clinton County police agencies will participate in a special enforcement effort to crackdown on impaired driving.

While we spend this Holiday Season celebrating with friends and family and looking forward to the blessings of a New Year the law enforcement community across New York State will take to the roads in an effort to stop impaired driving, prevent injuries and save lives. The statewide STOP-DWI Crackdown efforts start on December 11th and will end on January 1st.  New York State Police, County Sheriff and municipal law enforcement agencies across the state will be out in force.

Research shows that high-visibility enforcement can reduce impaired driving fatalities by as much as 20 percent. Sobriety checkpoints play a key part in raising awareness about the problem.

The STOP-DWI Holiday Crackdown is one of many statewide enforcement initiatives promoted by STOP-DWI NY and the Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee. Throughout the remainder of the year the Statewide STOP-DWI Crackdown Campaign will also target Thanksgiving and the national Holiday Season in December.

While STOP-DWI efforts across New York have led to significant reductions in the numbers of alcohol and drug related fatalities, still too many lives are being lost because of crashes caused by drunk or impaired drivers. Highly visible, highly publicized efforts like the STOP-DWI Crackdown Campaign aim to further reduce the incidence of drunk and impaired driving.

You can help to make a difference by Having a Sober Plan! Download our mobile app – “Have a Plan” and you will always be able to find a safe ride home Impaired driving is completely preventable. All it takes is a little planning. Have a safe and happy Halloween Weekend! This is Deputy Russell Haag asking you to have a sober plan!

Education and Public Awareness

Victim Impact Panel

These are testimonials from drunk driving victims and offenders. This panel addresses the tragedies associated with someone's choice to drink and drive and raises awareness of the impact these choices have on all its victims, including their families, friends and communities. The STOP-DWI Program Specialist coordinates the panel and each convicted offender in Clinton County is typically sentenced by area judges to attend this panel. This panel is also made available to schools and often accompanies school awareness projects such as "mock crashes" during prom and graduation season.

Blanket Patrols

These patrols are scheduled at a minimum of one per month and are also coordinated by the STOP-DWI Program Specialist. Every law enforcement agency in Clinton County participates in these patrols and works together to get intoxicated drivers off our roads. 

Public Awareness Campaigns

Every year STOP-DWI sponsors numerous Public Service Announcements on local television stations, radio stations and newspaper publications. We do this in an effort to raise the community's awareness level regarding the dangers of drinking and driving. 

Non-Alcoholic After Prom Funding and SADD Chapter Event Funding

Every year each high school in Clinton County has an opportunity to apply for funding for SADD sponsored events and for Non-Alcoholic After Prom parties. The STOP-DWI program has also garnered a "model" of successful Non-Alcoholic parties, which is available for all schools to replicate.

Be sure to check with your local school department, to find out if they are holding a "Non-Alcoholic After Prom" event.

After Prom Funding Information and Forms 

Presentations and Educational Programs

Our program specialist provides many different educational presentations to area schools and businesses informing the audience about several areas of concern:

  • Drinking and Driving
  • Basic Alcohol Education
  • Binge Drinking
  • Marketing of Alcohol to Our Youth
  • "Drunk Goggle" Presentations
Alcohol Server Training

Our program specialist is a TIPS (Training Intervention Procedures for Servers) certified trainer and available to train any servers of alcohol. From the bartender to the waitress to the bouncer, there is always something to gain from TIPS. This training helps the server to better understand their responsibility and liability when serving alcohol. The program focuses on server "people skills," underage sales, and sales to intoxicated patrons. The server will learn what liabilities there are and how to refuse a sale positively. TIPS is a nationally recognized program that can help an establishment gain insurance discounts if over 50% of employees are trained. The TIPS web site is

How Are We Funded?

The Clinton County STOP-DWI program is unique because it is funded by DWI fines in Clinton County.