Youth Court

Justice scales and gavel on desk

The Clinton County Youth Court Program

The Clinton County Youth Court Program is a voluntary diversion program for youth under the age of 16 who are charged for the first time with a low-level offense such as petit larceny, criminal mischief, vandalism, or harassment.  To be eligible for the program, the youth must admit to the crime.  If determined appropriate, a hearing is held in which trained youth, known as Youth Court members, fill the courtroom roles such as defense attorney, prosecuting attorney, judge, clerk/bailiff and jury members.  At the end of the hearing, the jury members determine an appropriate sentence for the charged youth based on the information presented.  The goal of the program is to prevent delinquency through positive peer influence.

Youth are referred to the program by local Law Enforcement Officials and the Probation Department.  The youth offender and their parent or guardian must attend an intake meeting with the Youth Court Project Coordinator.  If the referral is determined appropriate for the program, a hearing will be scheduled.  The youth and their parent or guardian will attend an attorney meeting prior to the hearing.

Youth Court members have attended twelve hours of training and passed an exam in order to become a member.  Members run the courtroom by filling all of the courtroom roles including clerk/bailiff, judge, prosecuting attorney, defense attorney, jury foreperson and juror.  The hearing includes testimony from both the offender and the parent or guardian.

Following deliberation by the jury, a sentence is determined.  A Youth Court sentence includes up to 25 hours of community service and jury duty for 1 or 2 hearings.  The sentence may also include:

  • Letters of Apology
  • Essay Assignments
  • Educational Classes (i.e. Peer Pressure, Anger Management, Stress Management, etc.)

All community service hours are supervised by the Project Coordinator.  Youth Court members and Youth Court offenders often work together on projects.  Education classes are taught by the Project Coordinator.  

The Project Coordinator remains in contact with the referral source until the youth has completed the sentence.  Once complete, letters are sent to both the youth offenders’ family and referral source.

Youth Court members are Clinton County youth between 13 and 18 years of age who have attended twelve hours of training and passed an exam.  Once trained, youth are part of a pool of approximately 50 Youth Court members.  Youth from this pool are assigned to hearings by the Project Coordinator.  Members run the courtroom by filling all of the roles including clerk/ bailiff, judge, prosecuting attorney, defense attorney, jury foreperson and juror.

Youth must be willing to make a voluntary commitment to the program for one year.  Besides participating in hearings, members are required to participate in at least 3 Youth Court sponsored community services activities a year.

New member training is 2 full days and offered twice a year (see New Member training for dates).  The law-related training covers an array of topics and will prepare members to assume the Youth Court roles.  Once a member, youth have the opportunity to participate in specialized training to assist with certain roles such as attorney, judge, jury foreperson and clerk/bailiff.

Through training and participating in the program members develop:


  • Public speaking and presentation skills
  • Individual and group decision making skills
  • An understanding of their civic responsibilities
  • Knowledge of the criminal and juvenile justice systems

Anyone interested in becoming a Youth Court member must complete a Membership Application and mail it to:  Clinton County Youth Bureau, 137 Margaret Street, Plattsburgh, NY 12901 or Fax to: (518) 565-4775